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BOOKING CONTACT: toddhomer@yahoo.com


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 LARRY MARX /guitar




1st release 2006 GULCHER 603

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 "Explicit language, better grab a beer. Honest and unpretentious, as un corporate as one can get, nothing gets pretty here.


 Explicit language, better grab a beer. Production is a bit dry and in your face. Turn this up so that it bounces off  your walls and you will feel like your there!

 Free you mind and your ass will follow" -George Clinton. In a world of growing media conglomerates records like this stand out lyrically as well as musically, free in thought and expression. Thereto we all owe a great deal of thanks to Thomas Edison for the recording medium but also to the internet for free expression.

Stripped down raw, powered by an 8-Ball, two exiled punk rockers, years of old Albert Ayler records and a angry stand up ex-comic. Accompanied by the ghost of Lenny Bruce…. Todd Homer, Larry Copcar, and Kenny Kawamura make the scene as THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARETET. A free jazz trio who invite guitar playing friends on some tracks to unleash years of frustration with the musik industry, jobs, wives, and just assholes that abound in daily life. All this is plainly explained by Copcar who manages to work the microphone like a seasoned comic whilst drilling his drum kit. Meanwhile Kawamura's Saxophone tangles with Homer's bass like enemy soldiers under the machinegun fire of Copcar. This trio Could easily set off a new trend for the kids!... Freecomedyjazz!?.... NOT. The logical conclusion of The Steve Allan w/ Peter Brotzmann, Jack Kerouac Band? Production is a bit dry with microphones in the red on the sax but lacking on the volume of comedic one-liners by Larry (Scarono) Copcar. This CD obviously represents an impromptu collection of recordings that must best represent the band's feelings about commercial music and political correctness. Music today, and the whole of our censored media, needs more heroes like this and I can only hope these guys have more to come." -Douglas Moore




Hollywood Squaretet-  
Gulcher 603 CD 2006

At first glance, its tempting to dismiss Hollywood Squaretet out of hand as three chord poli-sci punk for improve jazzbos, the late night artsy fusion equivelant of all those interchangeable, juvenilely- named bands who hove up add inches in maximum rock n roll but will never actually make a second CD or 7 inch before leaving home for college. Even after one has spent quality time with tet offensive, that impression lingers, and why not? After all, the drummer/singer calls himself Larry Copcar and fires off caustic rejoinders Through the tangled, gnarled noodling he makes alongside saxophonist Kenny Kawamura, alto saxophonist/upright bass player Todd Homer, and three guesting guitarists. Yet there is something magnetic at work beneath their free form strain and bleat, their off-the-cuff clamor, their loose, unhinged flow, that makes this records worth returning too. Theres also the sense that these guys know exactly what theyre doing here: displaying virtuosity within clouds of chaos. And isnt that something we all strive to accomplish?

 - Raymond Cummings 

 .Tet Offensive is spontaneous free flowing freak the funk out. If you want your muffin skronked, skreeed, bleated and blowed, here’s the place to get that done. with Larry Copcar handling drums and wise cracks.
Frantic desperate saxophone wailing with enough humor to set it apart from the mainstream. --le monde moderne



Free improvised jazz... welcome to the fuck you lounge,' your valet tonight is I'll park your car Fuck You!' Hell yeah, I like this place!!! I'm there and I'm ready to get fucked up by the convulsive drums, spastic saxophones and bass jabs. This is Fuck You jazz... vulgar and raw and with ridiculous amounts of style and talent. That's the most 'Fuck You' thing about this. This is super-articulate and dexterous and like a spontaneous confrontation. This is how they exchange blows in Los Angeles jazzland!! This is the Fuck You jazz offensive and it's intense and stirring. You can't handle it? Fuck you! You love it... Fuck you!! You're involved now so either get fucked or get involved in the fucking. The password is 'FUCK YOU! I'll see you there!  

   Gulcher Records


The Hollywood Squaretet-  Tet-Offensive
You kno
EPs are taking over the world behind everybody's back when there are even jazz ones out there now. Just like in the '40s or whenever, except not on 10-inch vinyl, apparently. And OK, post-punk jazz might not count. Though the post-punk jazz trio with an Angry Samoan in it lasts longer.     -Eddytor's Dozen by Chuck Eddy



The Hollywood Squaretet-  "NICE TETS" Roulade CD 2009

Here's the second installment of the H-wood Squaretet saga (read my review of their first below) featuring Mssrs. Todd Homer and gang engaging in even more free jazz merriment aided this time by the guitar of Joe Baiza, a name that rings a bell somewhere but I just can't put my finger on it, or up it for that matter. Resultant spew remind me of a mad-way jam between Mahogany Brain, Albert Ayler and Richard Meltzer with or without Smegma. I can't say that I didn't get maximum enjoyment outta hearing drummer/vocalist Larry Copcar snarl and bark his post-beat poesy to this soundscapade. I'll betcha that CD Baby already carries it so give 'em a try.  -C.S. -BLOG TO COMM


The Hollywood Squaretet- "NICE TETS"  Roulade CD 2009

If you live in my neighborhood this CD will seem familiar to you: If you've ever fallen asleep with the free jazz college radio station on in one room, and a crazy neighbor ranting in another, this will make you feel the warm cozy embrace of home. Anyone who dosen't realize this is awesome is fucking stupid.  
                           -Roctober #47


LATEST RELEASE................


The Hollywood Squaretet- TETOSTERONE!  CD (Gulcher)

This in the latest of Hollywood Squaretet releases reminds me a bit of some of those later-on SST albums, as well as this obscure MX-80 Sound project by Pluto called THE FIELD RECORDINGS which not only had a drummer/ranter like the Squartet do but a cover that'll dispel any ideas one might have of a nudist colony being the equivalent of PLAYBOY magazine in the flesh. Hmmmm, no wonder there's an SST lilt to this since that's none other than ex-Saccharine Trust guitarist Joe Baiza's in the fold. And that's not all, but (keeping with the under-the-ground El Lay aesthetic) ex-Angry Samoan/Mooseheart Faith member Todd Homer's also here trying to do his best to arouse the spirit of Charles Mingus from his Double Bass w/o having to punch out any bandmembers in the process. Larry Copcar's vocals are the price o' admission as he rants/raves/reels and swears his way into infinity doing everything from beat sputter to infantile jokes as well as mind-addled synape-snapping. The horn section holds it together loose enough w/o reminding you of some blues losers you stumbled upon during your night onna town. If you missed the Squaretets' first two you'll probably miss this one but as for the one who have latched on, you know what your doody is. - C.S. -2010


Spahn Ranch
Did I Write My Last Joke?
I Ain't Ascared
Daze Of Wine And Roses
Tired Of Playing House
The Loser
Two Miles Davises Walk Into A Bar
Free Mandela
I did not know what to expect from this CD... It is jazz influenced with a great sense of humor.. And excellant musicianship... And it is recorded live! Drummer Vocalist Larry Copcar played with the late Sam Kinison along with being a stand up comic himself... Upright Bassist Todd Homer was an original member of The Angry Samoans while Guitarist Joe Baiza played with Saccharine Trust and Universal Congress Of and then we have Trumpet player Dan Clucas who holds his own..
On track #1 "Spahn Ranch" talks about Sharon Tate , Charlie and the Family... Then along comes "He Ain't No Miles Davis..... Barack Obama. He ain't no Martin Luther King.. He ain't no Motherfucking James Brown." True but is not Little Richard or Tina Turner either. Or for that matter Kathy Griffin. They rock it up on " Daze Of Wine and Roses" thank you Joe Baiza... "The Loser" is another stand out.. This CD is jazz and they definitely speak their minds...But most important they have the chops...
----------------GINGER COYOTE


Monday, June 7, 2010

Hollywood Squaretet "TETOSTERONE!"

(Gulcher) Listening to this album's outstanding anti-Obama rant (why stop at comparing him to Hitler or Stalin when you can [much more accurately] compare him to...smooth jazz) made one phrase come to my mind: "Jazz you can believe in." The HS' brilliance is the realization that nothing musically compliments a skronking sax more than the ravings of a lunatic. It's like someone was standing on a corner between a  homeless genius loudly reading off some single-spaced manifesto he typed at Kinkos and the best heroin addict sax-skoodling busker in Manhattan and had a 'you put your chocolate in my peanut butter' moment. Best line: "Two assholes walk into a bar AND ONE OF THEM WAS ME!!!"